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                          Why You Should Care About Quality Treats

                          Maybe you’ve never thought about the quality of the food and treats you give your pets. But it’s actually very important.

                          I’ve got a friend who works as a veterinarian. When she was in school they examined different types of dog food by dissolving them and found some nasty stuff inside like hair, feathers and bits of bone. These were very recognizable brands you’ll find in every grocery store.

                          A lot of pet food and treats might list a certain animal by-product or “crude protein.” Which is kind of like the pink slime meat you hear about in human food – except even worse.

                          When you see something like that in the ingredients it basically means ground up whatever – including slaughterhouse waste product and some even say euthanized cats and dogs are used too. It’s kept intentionally vague so it could be just about anything.

                          Pet health expert Karen Becker has some good advice when it comes to shopping for quality food and pet treats. She says look for specific types of meat on the label – like chicken, lamb or beef. Read her article and see her video at for more.

                          The I Love Dogs Site also has a list of “5 Ingredients You Never Want to Find in Your Dog’s Food”:
                          1.    Ethoxyquin
                          2.    Propylene Glycol
                          3.    BHT/BHA
                          4.    Corn Syrup/Corn
                          5.    “By Product”